William Shakespeare – Antony and Cleopatra (Practice Questions)

Q1. Why does Antony have to return to Rome?

a) To pay a debt

b) His wife has died

c) To return a sword

d) He is needed for military strategy

Q2. Why does Ventidius say his army is so successful?

a) The fear the consequences of losing

b) They love their king and want to make him proud

c) They want to win more

d) They are well-fed and well-cared for

Q3. Who passes out at the state dinner from drink and must be carried to shore?

a) Antony

b) Lepidus

c) Pompey

d) Octavius

Q4. Of what does Octavius accuse Antony?

a) Adultery

b) Failure to aid the other triumvirs

c) Lechery

d) Desertion

Q5. What does Agrippa want Antony to do?

a) Apologize to the triumvirs

b) Go to the front lines

c) Marry Cleopatra

d) Marry Octavia

Q6. What trick does Cleopatra claim to have played on Antony when he was drunk?

a) Said he sold his horse and sword

b) Made him think he was about to be arrested

c) Hid his boots

d) That she had dressed him in women’s clothing

Q7. Of what does Cleopatra accuse Antony?

a) Treason

b) Lying

c) Disrespect

d) Theft

Q8. What do the soothsayers comments suggest?

a) Antony’s success will be unparalleled

b) Fulvia will kill Antony

c) Antony will fall to Octavius

d) Cleopatra is a traitor

Q9. What does the message Antony receives from Octavius and Lepidu demand?

a) That he increase their rank

b) That he leave Cleopatra

c) That he return and help fight the son of Pompey the Great

d) That he reinforce their troops

Q10. What is the triumvirate attempting to negotiate in Sicily?

a) Planning strategies of attack against Pompey’s forces

b) Peace with Pompey

c) The surrender of Pompey

d) Joining naval forces with Pompey


  • 1 – B
  • 2 – D
  • 3 – B
  • 4 – B
  • 5 – D
  • 6 – D
  • 7 – A
  • 8 – C
  • 9 – C
  • 10 – B

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