English Literature Practice Questions – 01

Q1 – In which century was ‘Piers Plowman‘ written?

A. 14th

B. 12th

C. 10th

D. 11th

Q2 – Geoffrey Chaucer served which king?

A. Richard III

B. James 1

C. Edward III

D. Henry II

Q3 – The 18th century work ‘Tom Jones‘ was written by whom?

A. Samuel Johnson

B. Henry Fielding

C. John Donne

D. Tobias Smollett

Q4 – In 1905, Virginia Woolf began to write for which publication?

A. The Time’s Literary Supplement

B. The Lady’s Home Journal

C. Strand Magazine

D. Reader Magazine

Q5 – Joyce’s novel ’Ulysses’ takes place over what period of time?

A. A week

B. 24 hours

C. A lifetime

D. 6 months

Q6 – What was the nationality of Oscar Wilde?

A. Irish

B. Scottish

C. French

D. English

Q7 – Who wrote the poem “Requiem“?

A. Robert Louis Stevenson

B. William Shakespeare

C. Samuel Johnson

D. John Milton

Q8 – The prevailing feature of Chaucer’s humour is its

A. urbanity

B. crudity

C. triviality

D. sanctity

Q9 – Who is the first great English critic-poet?

A. Shakespeare

B. Arnold

C. Sir Philip Sidney

D. Chaucer

Q10 – ‘Hymn to Adversity’ is a poem by

A. Thomas gray

B. Alexander Pope

C. Edward gibbon

D. William Blake

Q11 – Who wrote the poem ’The Seven Ages’?

A. John Milton

B. Geoffrey Chaucer

C. William Shakespeare

D. Edward Gibbon

Q12 – Who write the story “Story Teller” ?

A. William Wordsworth

B. William Shakespeare

C. Thomas Grey

D. Saki

Q13 – Jane Austen wrote during this period

A. Restoration

B. Victorian

C. Middle English

D. Regency

Q14 – One of these men did NOT write during the Restoration period. Who?

A. John Milton

B. Thomas Otway

C. Sir Walter Scott

D. John Dryden

Q15 – The Bronte sisters wrote during this period

A. Regency

B. Restoration

C. Romantic

D. Victorian


  • 1 – A
  • 2 – C
  • 3 – B
  • 4 – A
  • 5 – B
  • 6 – A
  • 7 – A
  • 8 – A
  • 9 – C
  • 10 – A
  • 11 – C
  • 12 – D
  • 13 – D
  • 14 – C
  • 15 – D


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