English Literature Practice Questions – 04

Q46 – Which of the following writers would be an appropriate subject for a class on “The Literature of the British Empire”?

A. Rudyard Kipling

B. Edward Fitzgerald

C. Charlotte Bronte

D. Any of these

Q47 – World War I affected the writing of many authors. Which of the following poets would not have been touched by that event?

A. T.S. Eliot

B. Siegfried Sassoon

C. Wilfred Owen

D. Oscar Wilde

Q48 – The period of maturation, intellectual growth and social graces during the Renaissance is called the:

A. Aristocracy

B. New Age

C. Reformation

D. Enlightenment

Q49 – The most popular French playwright, Jean Baptiste Poquelin, is known as:

A. Caleron

B. Corneille

C. Couperin

D. Moliere

Q50 – The first Englishwoman to earn her living as a playwright was:

A. Nell Gwynn

B. Aphra Behn

C. Lady Teazle

D. Ann Hathaway

Q51 – The most important element of a Tragedy?

A. Plot

B. Character

C. Spectacles

D. Diction

Q52 – “But God’s eternal Laws are kind And break the heart of stone.” In which poem do these lines appear?

A. We Are Seven (Wordsworth)

B. Ballad of Reading Goal (Oscar Wilde)

C. Prisoner of Chillon (Byron)

D. None of these

Q53 – Modern age is an age of-

A. Pessimism and Cynicism

B. Conflicts and Controversies

C. Subjectivity

D. All of the above

Q54 – Who is the author of ‘A Brief History of Time’?

A. Albert Einstein

B. Stephen Hawking

C. Jagadish Chandra Basu

D. Isaac Newton

Q55 – ‘O Captain! My Captain!’ is a poem written by-

A. Robert Frost

B. Emily Dickinson

C. Mark Twain

D. Walt Whitman

Q56 – What do you mean by Quatrain?

A. a poem of fourteen lines

B. a stanza of fourteen lines

C. a stanza of six lines

D. a stanza of four lines

Q57 – Find the Odd man out?

A. Ulysses

B. The Falcon

C. The Virginians

D. On Liberty

Q58 – “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty” is stated by-

A. Keats

B. Shelley

C. Jane Austine

D. Charles Lamb

Q59 – Who is the writer of the poem ‘A Grammarian’s Funeral’

A. Shelley

B. William Shakespeare

C. Wordsworth

D. Robert Browning

Q60 – The treatise ‘On Liberty’ was written by:

A. Ruskin

B. Lamb

C. Mill

D. Oscar Wilde


  • 46 – D
  • 47 – D
  • 48 – D
  • 49 – D
  • 50 – B
  • 51 – A
  • 52 – B
  • 53 – B
  • 54 – B
  • 55 – D
  • 56 – D
  • 57 – B
  • 58 – A
  • 59 – D
  • 60 – C

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