English Literature Practice Questions – 05

Q61 – ‘Of Human Bondage’ is written by-

A. Somerset Maugham

B. James Joyce

C. W.B. Yeats

D. Philip Sydney

Q62 – Who wrote “Shakespeare’s Later Comedies’?

A. A.C. Bradley

B. Palmer D.J.

C. Dr. Johnson

D. None of these

Q63 – The Rape of the Lock is a:

A. Parody

B. Elegy

C. Romance

D. Sonnet

Q64 – ‘Tom Jones’ by Henry Fielding was first published in  

A. the first half of 19th century

B. the first half of 18th century

C. the 2nd half of 18th century

D. 19th century

Q65 – One of the following was a Romantic poet

A. Tennyson

B. Arnold

C. Shelly

D. Browning

Q66 – The period between 1660 to 1750 is known as

A. The Age of Classicism

B. The Restoration

C. The age of Milton

D. None of these

Q67 – “Paradise Lost’ was written by –

A. Shakespeare

B. Milton

C. Coleridge

D. Keats

Q68 – ‘On Heroes and Hero Worship’ is written by:

A. Huxley

B. Carlyle

C. Ruskin

D. Mill

Q69 – Who is known as the national poet of England ?

A. William Wordsworth

B. John Keats

C. William Shakespeare

D. T. S. Eliot

Q70 – James Joyce’s famous novel-

A. Roots

B. Ulysses

C. Tom Jones

D. Rebecca

Q71 – Who is the writer of ‘The Two Voices’?

A. Lord Tennyson

B. George Bernard Shaw

C. William Shakespeare

D. Christopher Marlowe

Q72 – Who is the writer of ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’?

A. George Bernard Shaw

B. Christopher Marlowe

C. Alfred Lord Tennyson

D. William Shakespeare

Q73 – Who is known as an Anti-romantic novelist in the Romantic Age?

A. Charles Lamb

B. Jane Austen

C. William Hazlitt

D. Oliver Goldsmith

Q74 – Shirley, Jane Eyre, Villete were written by:

A. Emily Bronte

B. Jane Austen

C. Charlotte Bronte

D. None of these

Q75 – Who is the writer of ‘The Ring of the Book’?

A. Shelley

B. Robert Browning

C. William Shakespeare

D. Wordsworth


  • 61 – A
  • 62 – B
  • 63 – A
  • 64 – B
  • 65 – C
  • 66 – B
  • 67 – B
  • 68 – B
  • 69 – C
  • 70 – B
  • 71 – A
  • 72 – C
  • 73 – B
  • 74 – C
  • 75 – B


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