English Literature Practice Questions – 06

Q76 – Edmund Spenser is a-

A. poet

B. dramatist

C. artist

D. scientist

Q77 – Which one of the following writers is not a woman?

A. Emily Bronte

B. Jane Austen

C. Robert Browning

D. None of these

Q78 – Who is the author of ‘India Wins Freedom’?

A. Ghandhi

B. Nehru

C. Jinnah

D. Abul Kalam Azad

Q79 – Which is called the Victorian Age:

A. 18th Century

B. 19th Century

C. 20th Century

D. None of these

Q80 – “Poetry is not like reasoning, a power to be exerted according to the determination of will”, is a statement by:

A. Wordsworth

B. Shelley

C. Coleridge

D. Arnold

Q81 – Find the Odd one out?

A. Tom Jones : Henry Fielding

B. Roxana: Daniel Defoe

C. The Good-nature man: Oliver Gold- smith

D. All for Love: John Milton

Q82 – ‘Adela’ is a character from-

A. A Passage to India

B. Paradise Lost

C. Hamlet

D. Doctor Faustus

Q83 – The period of English literature from 1660 to the end of the century is called:

A. Renaissance

B. Jacobean Period

C. Restoration Period

D. Romantic Age

Q84 – Firdausi was the poet of-

A. Persian

B. English

C. French

D. Italy

Q85 – ‘Vanity Fair’ is a novel by-

A. Dickens

B. Thackeray

C. Scott

D. Fielding

Q86 – The character of Little Neil is a creation of:

A. Hardy

B. Eliot

C. Oscar Wilde

D. Dickens

Q87 – What did Robert Frost’s father do?

A. teacher

B. journalist

C. black-smith

D. farmer

Q88 – “Justice delayed is justice denied” was stated by-

A. Shakespeare

B. Emerson

C. Gladstone

D. Disraeli

Q89 – Thomas Hardy was brought up to the profession of:

A. Architect

B. Engraver

C. Sculptor

D. None of these

Q90 – Who wrote ‘The Spanish Tragedy’?

A. John Lyly

B. Thomas Kyd

C. Robert Green

D. Christopher Marlowe


  • 76 – A
  • 77 – C
  • 78 – D
  • 79 – B
  • 80 – B
  • 81 – D
  • 82 – A
  • 83 – C
  • 84 – A
  • 85 – B
  • 86 – D
  • 87 – B
  • 88 – C
  • 89 – A
  • 90 – B

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