English Pedagogy / Teaching Apt – Practice Questions 02

Q16. Bipolar disorder is which type of disorder?

a) Mood

b) Learning

c) Personality

d) Thought

Q17. Which of the following best describes the Theory of Mindset?

a) Fixed mindset stops cannot be changed

b) Fixed mindset only brings failure

c) Growth mindset defines Intelligence

d) Growth mindset sees failure as a minor stumbling block, an opportunity to improve and grow.

Q18. Which of the following is a social-learning theorist?

a) Bandura

b) Freud

c) Wundt

d) Pavlov

Q19. Ruhi; an 11-month-old child calls every white liquid object as milk. Which element of the concept development process is shown by Ruhi?

a) Analysis

b) Abstraction

c) Generalization

d) Experience

Q20. Learning is generally considered a lasting change in behavior based on:

a) Challenge and reinforcement

b) Challenge and experience

c) Practice and experience

d) Practice and challenge

Q21. The concept of “inner speech” was introduced in language development by:

a) Piaget

b) Chomsky

c) Vygotsky

d) Skinner

Q22. Algorithms and Heuristics are the strategies of ______.

a) Teaching

b) Problem Solving

c) Learning

d) Thinking

Q23. Which of the following statements is true?

a) Growth is only a mental process

b) Heredity doesn’t affect the learning process.

c) Development is only a quantitative process

d) Learning is a process of behavioral changes

Q24. The ability to apply a given general principle to a particular situation is called _____ .

a) Inductive reasoning

b) Exceptional reasoning

c) Deductive reasoning

d) Logical reasoning

Q25. What form of learning is displayed when children imitate the violence they see in their favourite video games?

a) Operant learning

b) Observational learning

c) Conditional learning

d) Latent learning

Q26. What involves the repetition of information so that it moves from the short term to the long term memory?

a) Coding

b) Rehearsal

c) Chunking

d) Storage

Q27. Differences in behavior between two cultures can be attributed to:

a) Geographical background

b) Socialization

c) Heredity

d) Environment

Q28. Piaget developed _____ important stages of cognitive development.

a) Five

b) Eight

c) Four

d) Three

Q29. It is easier to deal with all social situations, if you are aware of your _____.

a) Interests

b) Talents

c) Personality

d) Hobbies

Q30. IQ scores are generally ______ correlated with academic performance.

a) Least

b) Highly

c) Moderately

d) Perfectly

Answer Key :

  • 16 – a
  • 17 – d
  • 18 – a
  • 19 – b
  • 20 – a
  • 21 – c
  • 22 – b
  • 23 – d
  • 24 – c
  • 25 – b
  • 26 – b
  • 27 – b
  • 28 – c
  • 29 – c
  • 30 – b

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