English Literature – Practice Questions 07

Q91 – The period of Queen Victoria’s reign is

(A) 1830–1900

(B) 1837–1901

(C) 1830–1901

(D) 1837–1900

Q92 – Which of the following statements about The Lyrical Ballads is NOT true?

(A) It carried only one ballad proper, which was Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

(B) It also carried pastoral and other poems.

(C) It carried a “Preface” which Wordsworth added in 1800.

(D) It also printed from Gray’s Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.

Q93 – In the Rape of the Lock Pope repeatedly compares Belinda to

(A) The sun

(B) The moon

(C) The North Star

(D) The rose

Q94 – Which of the following awards is not given to Indian–English writers?

(A) The Booker Prize

(B) The Sahitya Akademi Award

(C) The Gyanpeeth

(D) Whitbread Prize

Q95 – Identify the correct statement below:

(A) Gorboduc is a comedy, while Ralph Roister Doister and Gammer Gurton’s Needle are tragedies.

(B) Gorboduc is a tragedy, while Ralph Roister Doister and Gammer Gurton’s Needle are comedies.

(C) All of them are problem plays.

(D) All of them are farces.

Q96 – W.M. Thackeray’s Vanity Fair owes its title to

(A) Browning’s Fifine at the Fair

(B) Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice

(C) Goldsmith’s Vicar of Wakefield

(D) Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress

Q97 – The Puritans shut down all theaters in England in

(A) 1642

(B) 1640

(C) 1659

(D) 1660

Q98 – Who of the following was not a contemporary of Wordsworth and Coleridge?

(A) Robert Southey

(B) Sir Walter Scott

(C) William Hazlitt

(D) A. C. Swinburne

Q99 – Who, among the following is credited with the making of the first authoritative Dictionary of the English Language?

(A) Bishop Berkeley

(B) Samuel Johnson

(C) Edmund Burke

(D) Horace Walpole

Q100 – In Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic Poesy (1668), who opens the discussion on behalf of the ancients?

(A) Lisideius

(B) Crites

(C) Eugenius

(D) Neander

Q101 – The year 1939 proved to be a crucial year for two important writers in England. Identify the correct phrase below:

(A) For Yeats who died, for Auden who left England for the U. S.

(B) For Eliot who started publishing verse–drama, for Hardy whose Wessex Poems were published.

(C) For Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene, each for publishing his first novels.

(D) For Eliot who won the Nobel Prize and Orwell who published his Animal Farm.

Q102 – The Enlightenment was characterized by

(A) Accelerated industrial production and general well–being of the public.

(B) A belief in the universal authority of reason and emphasis on scientific experimentation.

(C) The Protestant work ethic and compliance with Christian values of life.

(D) An undue faith in predestination and neglect of free will.

Q103 – Which Shakespearean play contains the line: “…there is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow”?

(A) King Lear

(B) Hamlet

(C) Coriolanus

(D) Macbeth

Q104 – In which of the following texts do Aston, Davies and Mick appear as characters?

(A) Wyndham Lewis’s Enemy

(B) Harold Pinter’s Caretaker

(C) Katherine Mansfield’s “Life of Ma Parker”

(D) Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock

Q105 – What is common to the following writers? Identify the correct description below:

William Congreve

George Etherege

William Wycherley

Thomas Otway

(A) All of these were Restoration playwrights

(B) All of them were critics of Orwell’s regime

(C) All of them edited Shakespeare’s plays

(D) All of them wrote tragedies in the same age


  • 91 – B
  • 92 – D
  • 93 – A
  • 94 – C
  • 95 – B
  • 96 – D
  • 97 – A
  • 98 – D
  • 99 – B
  • 100 – B
  • 101 – A
  • 102 – B
  • 103 – B
  • 104 – B
  • 105 – A

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