William Shakespeare – The Merchant Of Venice Act 3 (Practice Questions)

1. As Act III opens, who are discussing the fate of Antonio’s ships?
A) Salerio & Solanio
B) Bassanio & Antonio
C) Shylock & Antonio
D) Gratiano & Bassanio

2. Of what does Shylock accuse Salerio in scene 1?
A) providing Antonio a place to hideout
B) trying to undo the bond
C) knowing Jessica was leaving
D) knowing where Jessica is hiding

3. What does Shylock say a man’s flesh is good for?
A) selling on the rialto
B) making a stew
C) feeding dogs
D) baiting fish

4. Why does Shylock want to “execute” the bond?
A) to feed his revenge
B) to get his money back
C) to get his daughter back
D) he does not say

5. Who brings Shylock news from Genoa about Jessica?
A) Launcelot
B) Abram
C) Tubal
D) Salerio

6. What is the news about Jessica?
A) she is trying to get away from Lorenzo
B) she is running around with Christians
C) she is spending Shylock’s money wildly
D) no one has seen her

7. Who is Leah?
A) Shylock’s wife
B) Lorenzo’s mother
C) Jessica’s hand maiden
D) Old Gobbo’s wife

8. As scene ii opens, what does Portia ask of Bassanio?
A) don’t hazard a guess at the caskets
B) not to select either the gold or silver casket
C) to wait a few days before he chooses a casket
D) just to leave Belmont

9. Which ancient hero does Portia compare Bassanio to?
A) Odysseus
B) Ajax
C) Achilles
D) Hercules

10. Who/what is Bassanio referring to in the following lines?
“thou pale and common drudge/’tween man and man”
A) Shylock
B) the gold casket
C) the lead casket
D) Portia

11. What does Portia give Bassanio that he must swear never to part with?
A) the lead casket
B) a lock of her golden hair
C) a ring
D) her love

12. What surprise news does Gratiano give Bassanio?
A) that Antonio is dead
B) that Antonio’s ships have all been destroyed
C) that he has fallen in love with Nerissa
D) that Shylock is on the hunt for Antonio

13. Who arrives at Belmont late to the party, but with news?
A) Lorenzo and Jessica
B) Solanio
C) Shylock
D) Antonio

14. How much money does Portia tell Bassanio to pay to “deface the bond”?
A) 6,000 ducats
B) 12,000 ducats
C) 36,000 ducats
D) 72,000 ducats

15. In Act III scene iii, how does Shylock respond to Antonio?
A) He acts with compassion.
B) He gives Antonio an opportunity to state his case.
C) He refuses to let Antonio speak.
D) He spits on the Christian.

16. How does Antonio respond to Shylock in this scene?
A) He angrily berates Shylock.
B) He asks for more time to pay off the loan..
C) He spits on Shylock.
D) He accepts that the law is the law.

17. In Act III, scene iv, to whom does Portia leave in charge of her house while she is gone?
A) Bassanio
B) Nerissa
C) Launcelot
D) Lorenzo

18. Where does Portia tell everyone that she is going?
A) to Padua
B) to a monastery
C) to her room
D) to Venice

19. Where is she really going?
A) to Venice to see Bassanio
B) to see her cousin in Padua
C) to a monastery
D) to Nerissa’s house

20. What is Portia’s response to Nerissa when she asks of Bassanio and Gratiano “shall they see us?”
A) no, we will stay hidden
B) yes, but we’ll be dressed like men
C) yes, and we will provide them inspiration
D) no, but they will hear our voices

21. At the beginning of Act III scene v, who tells Jessica that he thinks that, even though she marries a Christian, she is still damned?
A) Launcelot
B) Lorenzo
C) Nerissa
D) Gratiano

22. What changes about Lorenzo and Jessica’s language once Launcelot exits the stage?
A) the speak in blank verse
B) they speak in the form of questions
C) they raise their voices toward each other
D) they speak in prose

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  • 1 – A
  • 2 – C
  • 3 – D
  • 4 – A
  • 5 – C
  • 6 – C
  • 7 – A
  • 8 – C
  • 9 – D
  • 10 – C
  • 11 – C
  • 12 – C
  • 13 – A
  • 14 – C
  • 15 – C
  • 16 – D
  • 17 – D
  • 18 – B
  • 19 – B
  • 20 – B
  • 21 – A
  • 22 – A

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