William Shakespeare – The Merchant Of Venice Act 4 (Practice Questions)

1. As Act IV opens, the Duke speaks to Antonio. How does the Duke feel about Antonio’s predicament?
A) he doesn’t seem to care one way or the other
B) he is angry with Antonio
C) he hopes Antonio has to pay the forfeiture of the bond
D) he feels sorry for him

2. When Shylock enters the courtroom what does the Duke suggest has been Shylock’s plan all along?
A) to exact the forfeiture of the bond
B) not to arrive at court
C) to accept payment late from Antonio
D) in the end, to show great mercy toward Antonio

3. What does Antonio ask the court for?
A) mercy
B) to be released
C) judgment
D) more time

4. What does Bassanio offer Shylock?
A) he will no longer abuse Shylock on the rialto if he forgives the debt
B) to pay the sum back
C) 6,000 ducats
D) Portia

5. What is Shylock’s response to the offer?
A) I don’t care if you continue to spit on me in the rialto.
B) I wouldn’t take 36,000 ducats if you offered it to me.
C) OK, I accept.
D) I wouldn’t take Portia because she is a Christian

6. Who does the Duke call into the courtroom?
A) Bassanio
B) Bellario – a learned doctor (lawyer)
C) Balthasar – a learned doctor (lawyer)
D) Antonio

7. Who comes into the courtroom instead?
A) Bassanio
B) Nerissa, disguised as a lawyer
C) Portia, disguised as a lawyer named Balthasar
D) Bellario, a learned doctor (lawyer)

8. Portia tells Shylock that
A) his bond is good, but he must show mercy toward Antonio
B) he has no place in a Christian courtroom
C) his bond is no good
D) he must take the offer that Bassanio has made

9. To what is Shylock referring when he calls Portia a “Daniel”?
A) the New Testament
B) the Old Testament
C) a Christian judge
D) his lost son

10. When the sentence is passed, what does Portia ask?
A) that Shylock’s bond gets torn up
B) Is there a scale to weigh the flesh that is cut off?
C) that the court declares a mistrial
D) that the court reconsider

11. As Antonio prepares his bosom for cutting what does he hold on to?
A) a bible
B) Shylock’s bond
C) Bassanio’s hand
D) a crucifix

12. What does Antonio ask of Bassanio?
A) give Shylock the money after I am gone
B) give me a Christian burial
C) take over my merchant fleet
D) tell your wife how much I loved you

13. How does Bassanio respond?
A) I will hold a grand funeral procession for you.
B) I will be happy to take over your merchant fleet.
C) I’d leave my wife to spare your life.
D) I will pay off the money we borrowed from Shylock.

14. What does Gratiano tell Antonio?
A) I will help Bassanio deliver the ducats to Shylock.
B) I will drink to your name!
C) I wish my wife was dead.
D) I will be a pall bearer at your funeral.

15. As he is about to cut Antonio, what does Portia warn Shylock?
A) he will be damned if he proceeds
B) he should make sure his knife is sharp
C) the bond doesn’t allow for you to shed any blood
D) the Christians will surely get him back if he proceeds

16. What will happen to Shylock if he takes anything more or less than exactly one pound of flesh?
A) nothing
B) he dies and all of his belongings are to be confiscated by the state
C) Antonio will be allowed to cut a pound of flesh from Shylock
D) the bond will be torn up

17. How does Shylock respond to this warning?
A) He doesn’t respond at all.
B) “I am not concerned.”
C) “Let me just take my principal (3,000 ducats) and go”
D) “I’ll cut very carefully.”

18. How does Portia respond to Shylock?
A) Portia does not respond at all
B) Portia begs Shylock one more time
C) “Very well, then proceed.”
D) The bond ONLY calls for flesh, that is all that you are entitled to have.

19. What final surprise does Portia have for Shylock?
A) Portia tells Shylock that Jessica has married Lorenzo.
B) That Antonio’s ships have all come in.
C) That Balthasar is Portia in disguise
D) He is under arrest for the attempted murder of a Christian.

20. What is the Duke’s final decision?
A) Antonio gets half of Shylock’s possessions.
B) Shylock is free to tear up the bond and leave.
C) Both Shylock and Antonio will be put in jail together.
D) Antonio and Shylock must not do business again.

21. What does Bassanio offer “Balthasar” once the trial is over?
A) the 3,000 ducats owed to Shylock
B) to take Balthasar to meet Portia
C) a ride back to Padua.
D) to take Balthasar to dinner.

22. What two things does Portia ask of Gratiano and Bassanio?
A) a ring and a monkey
B) money and a letter of recommendation
C) a ring and a handshake
D) gloves and a ring

23. Who tells Bassanio to give “Balthasar” what “he” asks for?
A) Lorenzo
B) Gratiano
C) Antonio
D) The Duke

24. How does Nerissa respond when Gratiano delivers Portia Bassanio’s ring?
A) She slaps him.
B) She says that she will try to get Gratiano to give up his ring too.
C) She says that Gratiano better not give away their monkey.
D) She says that Gratiano better not give away their money.

25. As Act IV ends, where does Portia send Nerissa?
A) to Shylock’s house
B) back to Belmont
C) to find Bassanio
D) to find Antonio

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  • 1 – D
  • 2 – D
  • 3 – C
  • 4 – C
  • 5 – B
  • 6 – B
  • 7 – C
  • 8 – A
  • 9 – B
  • 10 – B
  • 11 – C
  • 12 – D
  • 13 – C
  • 14 – C
  • 15 – C
  • 16 – B
  • 17 – C
  • 18 – D
  • 19 – D
  • 20 – A
  • 21 – A
  • 22 – D
  • 23 – C
  • 24 – B
  • 25 – A

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