George Orwell – Animal Farm (Practice Questions)

Q1. In Animal Farm, Orwell criticizes primarily which world leader?

(a)Vladimir Lenin

(b)Adolf Hitler

(c)Leon Trotsky

(d)Joseph Stalin

Q2. Who owns the farm when the story of Animal Farm begins?


(b)Mr. Jones


(d)Old Major

Q3. What is George Orwell’s real name?

(a)Eric Cantona

(b)Eric Blair

(c)Eric Morecambe

(d)Eric Goldsmith

Q4. According to old major, what is man?

(a)”the only animal that consumes without producing”

(b)”the most mysterious animal on earth”

(c)”the thought police of animal lives”

(d)”the guiding light in the quest for animal equality”

Q5. the pigs break all of the seven commandments except

(a) “all animals are equal”

(b) “no animal shall drink alcohol”

(c) they break all of them

(d) “whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy”

Q6. Which of the following is NOT one of the Seven Commandments?

(a) “no animal shall dishonor his father”

(b) “no animal shall drink alcohol”

(c) “no animal shall kill any other animal”

(d) “no animal shall sleep in a bed”

Q7. Which of the following is/are most clearly an example of propaganda?

(a) Squealer’s optimistic statistics

(b) The original seven commandments

(c) The reductions of rations

(d) The pigs’ decision to wear clothing

Q8. Which class of creatures stages its own small-scale rebellion against the pigs?

(a) The wild rats and rabbits

(b) The cows

(c) The sheep

(d) The hens

Q9. Where did Orwell write Nineteen Eighty-Four?

(a) Isle of Rum

(b) Isle of Hoy

(c) Isle of Jura

(d) Manor Farm

Q10. ‘Winston Smith’ was a character in which Orwell book?

(a) Animal Farm

(b) Nineteen Eighty-Four

(c) Road to Wigan Pier

(d) Great Expectations

Q11. What character adopts the personal maxim, “I will work harder“?

(a) Benjamin

(b) Snowball

(c) Clover

(d) Boxer

Q12. The dogs in animal farm can be said to represent

(a) Educated elites

(b) Foreign diplomats

(c) Secret police

(d) Peasants

Q13. What character in animal farm represents Trotsky?

(a) Boxer

(b) Snowball

(c) Napoleon

(d) Squealer

Q14. What character in animal farm represents Karl Marx?

(a) Snowball

(b) Old major

(c) Benjamin

(d) Napoleon

Q15. Orwell’s other extremely successful novel is called

(a) The master and margarita

(b) Brave new world

(c) Nineteen Eighty-four

(d) Harrison Bergeron

Q16. Orwell’s first book Down and Out in Paris and London was published in?

(a) 1931

(b) 1932

(c) 1933

(d) 1934

Q17. Animal farm fits all of the following genres except

(a) Farce  

(b) Satire

(c) Fable  

(d) Allegory

Q18. Define trickster tale.

(a) A recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work.

(b) The struggle found in fiction

(c) Giving human qualities to animals or objects

(d) A story about a mischievous, supernatural being

Q19. Who is the author of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’?

(a)H. Melvile

(b)George Orwell

(c)Charles Dickens

(d)E. Hemingway

Q20. Orwell joined Indian Imperial Police in _____



(c)Sri Lanka


Q21. Orwell suffered a serious bullet wound to the neck during which war?

(a)Korean War

(b)Spanish Civil War

(c)War of Roses

(d)World War II

Q22. The youngest Nobel Prize winner in Literature is

(a)George Orwell

(b)T.S. Eliot

(c)Thomas Hardy

(d)Rudyard Kipling

Q23. George Orwell died at the age of ____ in _____ ?

(a)46 / 1950

(b)46 / 1850

(c)62 / 1950

(d)62 / 1850

Q24. Which work of Orwell is almost an ironic reversal of H G Wells’ Mr Polly?

(a)Animal Farm

(b)The Road to Wigan Pier

(c)Keep the Aspidistra Flying

(d)Homage to Catalonia

Q25. Identify the incorrect option related to Orwell’s Animal Farm.

(a)The original title was ‘Animal farm: A Fairy Story’ but dropped in 1946.

(b)Sheep’s continual bleating was ‘four legs good, two legs bad’.

(c)The seven Commandments were abridged to just one ‘All animals are not equal, but some animals are more equal than others’.

(d)Both Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington play the ‘Ace of Spades’ at the same time and begin fighting loudly over who cheated first.



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