DSSSB TGT English / PGT English Practice Questions – Set 4

Q1. Who pioneered the use of Heroic Couplet in English?

a. William Dunbar

b. King James

c. William Langland

d. Geoffrey Chaucer

Q2. Which virtue does Britomart represent in, ‘The Fairie Queene’?

a. Friendship

b. Chastity

c. Justice

d. Holiness

Q3. Paradise Lost’, is written in __________ verse.

a. Rhymed Verse

b. Blank Verse

c. Free Verse

d. Haiku

Q4. _________ means being able to explain and defend assessment judgements to students, their parent(s) and other teachers.

a. Verification

b. Observation

c. Accountability

d. Confirmation

Q5. Select the most appropriate option. My grandmother is eighty-five, but she ____ still read and write without glasses. (Ability)

a. have to

b. ought to

c. can

d. should

Q6. ‘Ozymandias’ is one of the most anthologized poem of P.B. Shelley. But it was never published in __________.

a. Rosalind and Helen

b. Prometheus Unbound

c. A Modern Eclogue

d. The Examiner

Q7. T.S. Eliot dedicated his masterpiece ‘The Wasteland’ to ___________ .

a. His wife, Vivienne Haigh-Wood

b. Harold Pinter

c. W.H. Auden

d. Ezra Pound

Q8. How many Long Vowels are there in English language?

a. 5

b. 6

c. 3

d. 4

Q9. What is the real name of American author Mark Twain?

a. Robert Frost

b. Edgar Allen Poe

c. Tenesse Williams

d. Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Q10. ____________ is Chanticleer’s wife in the, ‘Nun’s Priest Tale’.

a. Alisoun

b. Emelye

c. Pertelote

d. Egeus

Q11. Fill in the blank. Johnny is ____________ Englishman.

a. the

b. that

c. a

d. an

Q12. “Spirit of BEAUTY, that dost consecrate

With thine own hues all thou dost shine upon

Of human thought or form, where art thou gone?”

These lines are taken from Shelley’s __________.?

a. Adonais

b. The Cloud

c. Ode to the West Wind

d. Hymn to Intellectual Beauty

Q13. Which of the following is not true about Keat’s ‘To Autumn’?

a. Autumn is personified in this poem

b. It is a sonnet

c. It is a sensuous poem

d. It is written in three-stanza structure, each of eleven lines

Q14. Who has written the poem, ‘In a Station of the Metro?’

a. Herman Melville

b. Walt Whitman

c. Ezra Pound

d. Hilda Doolittle

Q15. Which of the following modals do not express ‘possibility’?

a. Could

b. Must

c. Might

d. May

Q16. Who is referred to as the ‘azure sister’ of the West Wind in Shelley’s ‘Ode to the West Wind’?

a. Rain clouds

b. Spring breeze

c. Sunlit rays

d. Winter wind

Q17. Fall of Hyperion’ is a/an __________.

a. Sonnet                        

b. Lyric

c. Epic poem                  

d. Prose poem

Q18. Which transfer of learning refers to the transfer of knowledge and ideas where the learner stays within the same behavioural category in making the transfer?

a. Zero transfer

b. Positive transfer

c. Vertical transfer

d. Horizontal transfer

Q19. Which of the following statements is not correct about Bhisham Sahni’s ‘Tamas’?

a. It was written as a response to the communal violence of Bhiwandi in the early seventies of the last century

b. It is based on the riots of 1947 partition of Indian Subcontinent

c. It was originally written in Urdu, which was later translated into Hindi by his brother

d. Murad Ali is one of the major characters of the novel.

Q20. Who coined the term ‘Negative Capability’?

a. T.S. Eliot

b. John Keats

c. S.T. Coleridge

d. P.B. Shelley

Q21. Fill in the blank with most appropriate option.

“Their” is a ___________determiner.

a. Demonstrative

b. Interrogative

c. Possessive

d. Quantifier

Q22. Which of the following is a well-known Australian author?

a. Henry Lawson

b. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

c. Sylvia Plath

d. Chinua Achebe

Q23. Which type of learning is flexible and includes intermediate concepts of formal and informal learning?

a. Group Learning

b. Voluntary learning

c. Individual learning

d. Non-formal learning

Q24. Which of the following poet is associated with ‘Bog Poems’?

a. Seamus Heaney

b. Philip Larkin

c. Ted Hughes

d. W.B. Yeats

Q25. The passive voice of: ‘Hens lay eggs.’ is:

a. Eggs are laid by hens.

b. Eggs were laid by hens.

c. Eggs will be laid by hens.

d. Eggs are being laid by hens.

Q26. According to Aristotle, tragedy has ________ main elements.

a. 3

b. 5

c. 6

d. 4

Q27. ‘Heart of Darkness’, begins on board the _________, a small ship moored on the Thames River in London.

a. Congo

b. Nellie

c. Pequod

d. Titanic

Q28. What is the subtitle of Alexander Pope’s, ‘Peri Bathous’?

a. Essay on Man

b. The Rape of Lock

c. An Essay on Criticism

d. The Art of Sinking into Poetry

Q29. The order of words in phrases of sentences is called __________.

a. Syntax

b. Pragmatics

c. Phonology

d. Semantics

Q30. Chaucer’s, ‘The House of Fame’ parodies __________.

a. The Divine Comedy

b. Roman de la Rose

c. Kingis Quair

d. The Decameron

Q31. Fill in the blank. _________Eiffel Tower is a romantic destination.

a. The                   

b. But                             

c. A                      

d. An

Q32. Who among the following is a member of the Auden Group?

a. Stephan Spender

b. Ezra Pound

c. T S Eliot

d. Walt Whitman

Q33. In which poem does Andrew Marvell talk about his vegetable love?

a. On Milton’s Paradise Lost

b. The Garden

c. To His Coy Mistress

d. The Mower’s Song

Q34. What is the name of Faustus’s servant in the play, ‘Doctor Faustus’?

a. Wagner

b. Cornelius

c. Valdes

d. Roger

Q35. Some clauses can stand on their own as sentences and they are called __________.

a. Prounoun clause

b. Preposition clause

c. Independent clause

d. Dependent clause

Q36. The line ‘Fools rush in where angels fear to tread‘ is taken from Pope’s ____.

a. An Essay on Man

b. An Essay on Criticism

c. Windsor Forest

d. Peri Bathous

Q37. Which of the following forms does Satan not take in, ‘Paradise Lost’?

a. Snake

b. Cherub

c. Cormorant

d. Owl

Q38. Khuswant Singh’s ‘Train to Pakistan’ was set in a village named, __________.

a. Heer Majra

b. Khejadli

c. Kanthapura

d. Mano Majra

Q39. Fill in the blank with appropriate options. ‘If _______ comes can _________ be far behind?”

a. summer, autumn

b. autumn, winter

c. winter, spring

d. summer, winter

Q40. Who is Shock in Alexander Pope’s poem, ‘The Rape of Lock’?

a. Belinda’s dog

b. Sylph

c. Belinda’s horse

d. Belinda’s cat

Q41. Select the most appropriate option. A clause contains a _______ and a predicate of its own.

a. Preposition

b. Adverb

c. Conjunction

d. Subject

Q42. What is the main theme of Dryden’s, ‘The Hind and the Panther’?

a. Defence of Protestantism

b. Defence of monarchy

c. Defence of Puritanism

d. Defence of Catholicism

Q43. Who is the “Father of Structural Linguistics”?

a. Ferdinand De Saussure

b. Burrhus Frederic Skinner

c. L.H. Clarke

d. Noam Chomsky

Q44. ‘Easter Wings’, is written by ___________.

a. Andrew Marvell

b. John Donne

c. George Herbert

d. Henry Vaughan

Q45. Fill in the blank. The modal _____________ is used to express obligation.

a. Can                            

b. Must

c. Might                          

d. May

Q46. Whom does Lisideius defend in, ‘An Essay of Dramatick Poesy’?

a. Modern Playwrights

b. German Playwrights

c. English Playwrights

d. French Playwrights

Q47. Which neurological impairment primarily affects speech and language abilities?

a. Minimal Brain Dysfunction

b. Cerebral palsy

c. Tourette’s syndrome

d. Childhood Aphasia

Q48. Into how many parts, ‘A Passage to India’ is divided?

a. 4

b. 5

c. 2

d. 3

Q49. Amoretti’, is a series of love sonnets dedicated to __________ by Edmund Spenser.

a. Walter Raleigh

b. Penelope Devereux

c. Elizabeth Boyle

d. Queen Elizabeth

Q50. What is the occupation of The Wife of Bath?

a. Seamstress

b. Nun

c. Cook

d. Physician



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