DSSSB General English Practice Set 02

For DSSSB General English Practice Set 02 in PDF Formatclick

Q1. Fill in the blank in the following sentence with the correct modal.

‘You ____ take me to the station. I can walk.’ (No necessity)

a. mustn’t                      

b. needn’t

c. won’t                         

d. couldn’t

Q2. Which is the correct spelling?

a. Acommodate

b. Accomodate

c. Acommadate

d. Accommodate

Q3. Select the correct meaning of the underlined modal in the sentence.

Can you draw a perfect circle?’

a. permission

b. request

c. ability

d. advice

Q4. ‘I learned German quite quickly.’

The word ‘quite’ belongs to the class of words called

a. Verb

b. Adverb

c. Adjective

d. Noun

Q5. Choose the word that can substitute the given sentence.

‘To support with evidence.’

a. Corroborate                       

b. Joinery

c. Collect   

d. Curate

Q6. Select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phase.          

‘To slip a cog’

a. To get drunk

b. To waste food

c. To be disturbed

d. To miss a train

Q7. Choose the correct alternative.

No one had ever heard Prakash _____ an unpleasant word.

a. display             

b. plunder

c. blunder           

d. utter

Q8. Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the given word.


a. Humble

b. Arrogant

c. Dubious

d. Profound

Q9. Choose the word that means the same as the given word.


a. Preserve

b. Altercation

c. Amendment

d. Valour

Q10. Choose the correct alternative.

If I _____ a bird, I would have never stopped flying.

a. were       

b. could

c. was                  

d. would

Q11. Find out the error.

Levels of press freedom, autonomy (1) / and media sustainability have fluctuated (2) / for Georgia became independent in 1991 (3) /. No error (4)

a. 1            

b. 4

c. 3                      

d. 2

Q12. Find out the error.

Her name is Jenifer (1) / but her father calls her (2) / Jenny of short (3)/. No error (4)

a. 4

b. 3

c. 1

d. 2

Q13. Select the most appropriate option.

Dependent Clause is also called ____ .

a. Relative clause

b. Subordinate clause

c. Coordinate clause

d. Noun Clause

Q14. Fill in the blank with the appropriate option.

This house _____in 1970 by my grandparents.

a. was build

b. built

c. was built

d. build

Q15. Identify the clause in the brackets.

My friend helped me (when I was in danger.)

a. Noun Clause

b. Negative Clause

c. Adjective Clause

d. Adverb Clause


It was January 24, 1848. The sun rose over the California hills. James Marshall was up at dawn. He had to work on a new sawmill. Looking into a hole in the ground by the sawmill, he saw a yellow rock. It was about the size and shape of a pea. Marshall picked up the shiny pebble and made history. The rock was gold! James Marshall put the rock in his hat. He ran to show the other men working on the mill. Captain John Sutter and James Marshall owned the sawmill where Marshall had been digging. Captain Sutter told Marshall to keep his discovery a secret. But news of the gold spread quickly. First tens, then hundreds, then thousands of people rushed to California. They all came to strike it rich finding gold!

          For many years, California had been part of Mexico. By 1848, California was owned by the United States. But it was not a state. Only about 2,000 Americans lived in California at this time. By 1849, things had changed. People from all around the world were excited about the gold. Farmers stopped digging in their fields. They went to California to dig for gold. Teachers quit teaching. Bakers stopped baking. Sailors jumped off their ships. Shopkeepers closed their stores. Families packed and left their homes. They all had gold fever! The only cure for gold fever was to get to California. This rush of folks to find gold was the largest gold rush ever in the United States. The people who came in 1849 were called “forty-niners.” So many people came that California became the thirty-first state on September 9, 1850. James Marshall’s discovery of gold did indeed change history.

Q16. What is the most likely reason the rock is compared to a pea?

a. to show that it was dirty

b. to show that it was small

c. to show that it was smooth

d. to show that it was colorful

Q17. What is the most likely reason the United States is mentioned in the passage?

a. to show where California is

b. to show how old California is

c. to show who lives in California

d. to show how many people visit California

Q18. “Marshall picked up the shiny pebble and made history.” Based on this, which of the following best describes how picking up the pebble “made history”?

a. It taught the world how to find gold.

b. It proved the importance of sawmills

c. It caused the building of new sawmills.

d. It led to the beginning of the gold rush.

Q19. People were said to have “gold fever” when they

a. paid for doctors using gold.

b. found large amounts of gold

c. became ill while searching for gold.

d. were able to think only about finding gold.

Q20. What does it mean to “strike it rich”?

a. to quickly move to a new place

b. to suddenly have a lot of money

c. to need more money than you have

d. to find something you are searching for



For DSSSB General English Practice Set 02 in PDF Formatclick


  1. Very 👍.
    Q 10 should have been ” ….I would never stop flying”, shouldn’t it ?( Simple conditional).


    1. I agree, however, I copied the question as it was asked in DSSSB TGT English Male (3rd shift) paper held on 13 Sept 2021. 🙂


      1. Ok fine. Keep going.


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