One Word Substitution – Practice Set 01

Q1. A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others

a. Democrat

b. Autocrat

c. Decorate

d. Plenipotentiary

Q2. Related to the sense of hearing

a. Morphology

b. Phonetics

c. Sociology

d. Acoustic

Q3. An entertainer who performs difficult physical actions

a. Pilot

b. Leader

c. Mercenary

d. Acrobat

Q4. A place where animals are killed for food

a. Fair

b. Abattoir

c. Canteen

d. Market

Q5. Life history of a person written by himself

a. Biography

b. Autobiography

c. Autocracy

d. Memoirs

Q6. Strong dislike towards a person

a. Sympathy

b. Antipathy

c. Empathy

d. Deserter

Q7. A story in which ideas are symbolized as people

a. Memory

b. Cursory

c. Allegory

d. Fable

Q8. Fear of crowd in public places

a. Anglophobia

b. Agoraphobia

c. Hydrophobia d. Homophobia

Q9. Hijacking an airplane in air

a. Robbery

b. Aeronautics

c. Air Piracy

d. Air Trafficking

Q10. A person who supports an idea

a. Lawyer

b. Advocate

c. Creator

d. Amateur

Q11. A literary assistant

a. Pseudonym

b. Pedant

c. Amanuensis

d. Trainer

Q12. Love for Britain and its culture

a. Anthropologist

b. Bibliophile

c. Arsonist

d. Anglophile

Q13. Art of flying an aircraft

a. Nomination

b. Creation

c. Aviation

d. Pilot

Q14. The cessation of war before a treaty is signed

a. Armistice

b. Mimicry

c. Imposition

d. Aristocracy

Q15. Hiding before a surprise attack

a. Theft

b. Ambush

c. Agenda

d. Pagan

For questions in PDF format, click English Vocab-01

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