Idioms / Phrases – Practice Set 01

Q1. A bolt from the blue

a. Something pleasant

b. Something unexpected

c. Something expected

d. Something unexpected and unpleasant

Q2. A fair weather friend

a. A friend in weather

b. One who deserts you in difficulties

c. One who always supports you

d. One who encourages you

Q3. At arm’s length

a. Very far

b. At a safe distance

c. Very near

d. Very cool

Q4. A feather in one’s cap

a. Worthless and waste cap

b. Useless achievement with much effort

c. Memorable feather

d. Achievement on which one can be proud

Q5. An axe to grind

a. Selfless people

b. Worthless person

c. Private interest

d. Hard examination

Q6. A white elephant

a. Costly possession

b. Useless possession

c. Costly but useless possession

d. Costly but useful possession

Q7. A tight corner

a. An easy situation

b. A difficult situation

c. Very tensed situation

d. Memorable situation

Q8. A Herculean task

a. Very easy task

b. A work requiring great effort

c. A work requiring no effort

d. Very strange man

Q9. At one’s beck and call

a. At one’s necessity

b. At one’s will

c. At service

d. At door

Q10. A sore point

a. Something which hurts

b. Something which gladdens

c. Something which blurts

d. Something which cures

Q11. A dark horse

a. A horse living in dark

b. A horse of dark color

c. An unforeseen competitor

d. A dead horse

Q12. A square deal

a. A fair bargain

b. An unfair bargain

c. Careful bargain

d. Careless bargain

Q13. A wild goose chase

a. Hard effort

b. Futile search

c. Useful effort

d. Worthy men

Q14. At sea

a. Puzzled

b. Tortured

c. Cultured

d. Nurtured

Q15. Above board

a. Dishonest

b. On the board

c. Honest

d. Not fair

For questions in PDF format, click English Vocab-02

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