UPPGT English – Quiz 01

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Read the question and select the most appropriate answer:

Q1. The phrase ‘small Latin and Less Greek’ is referred to Shakespeare by-
a. Ben Johnson
b. John Keats
c. T S Eliot
d. Charles Dickens

Q2. The character of leech gatherer appears in:
a. The Recluse
b. The Prelude Book 1
c. Laodamia
d. Resolution and Independence

Q3. ‘Michael’ is a pastoral poem that presents the pathetic life of shepherd Michael. What is the name of his son?
a. Peele
b. Luke
c. Lucky
d. Shelley

Q4. Keats’s poem ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ was composed in:
a. 1818
b. 1819
c. 1820
d. 1821

Q5. In which magazine did Lamb’s essays first time appear?
a. Blackwood’s Magazine
b. Ariel
c. Quarterly Review
d. London Magazine

Q6. Shelley was expelled from the Oxford University due to publication of:
a. The Revolt of Islam
b. The Triumph of Life
c. The Necessity of Atheism
d. The Masque of Anarchy

Q7. Which Dickens’s novel attacks the New Poor Law of 1834 in the opening chapters?
a. Great Expectations
b. Hard Times
c. Oliver Twist
d. Dombey and Son

Q8. The line ‘Poetry is a criticism of life’ occurs in:
a. The Study of Poetry
b. Culture and Anarchy
c. Modern Painters
d. As You Like It

Q9. ‘The Lady of Shallot’ and ‘Ulysses’ are from the pen of-
a. Matthew Arnold
b. Alfred Tennyson
c. T S Eliot
d. Kamala Das

Q10. The character not created by Hardy is:
a. Sue Bridehead
b. Bathsheba Everdene
c. Betsy Trotwood
d. Thomasin

Q11. T S Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ was first published in:
a. The Criterion
b. The Dial
c. The Yale Review
d. New Yorker

Q12. Which of the following collections of poems was written by Kamala Das?
a. Leaves of Grass
b. Gitanjali
c. Summer in Calcutta
d. Songs and Sonnets

Q13. In the novel ‘Untouchable’, Bakha’s sister is
a. Mohini
b. Sohini
c. Sajani
d. Gulabo

Q14. How many times did Robert Frost got Pulitzer prize?
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

Passage : One New York publisher has estimated that 50,000 to 60,000 people in the United States want an anthology that includes the complete works of William Shakespeare. And what accounts for this renewed interest in Shakespeare? As scholars point out, the psychological insights he portrays in both male and female characters are amazing even today.

Q15. This paragraph best supports the statement that
a. Shakespeare’s characters are more interesting than fictional characters today.
b. People today are interested in Shakespeare’s work because of the characters.
c. Academic scholars are putting together an anthology of Shakespeare’s work.
d. New Yorkers have a renewed interested in the work of Shakespeare.

Q16. _______ tigers is a dangerous sport.
a. To be hunt
b. Hunting
c. A hunt of
d. Having hunt

Q17. The plural of ‘alumnus’ is.
a. Alumnuses
b. Alumna
c. Alumnae
d. Alumni

Q18. Pick the sentence which is correctly punctuated:
a. “Oh no! I forgot. I’ll phone her now.”
b. “Oh no, I forgot. I’ll phone her now;”
c. “O, no, I forgot. I’ll phone her now?”
d. “Oh no! I forgot? I’ll phone her now!”

Q19. Point out the synonym of the word
a. Submission
b. Retribution
c. Confinement
d. Repentance

Q20. Farming depends on water, which will be available only during the monsoons.
a. Adjective / Relative Clause
b. Adverb Clause
c. Principal Clause
d. Noun Clause

Q21. ‘Epic’ is
a. A story of a battle
b. A long narrative poem
c. A dramatic monologue
d. A novel

Q22. What do novels Pamela, Clarissa, Shamela and Lady Susan share with each other?
a. All are picaresque novels
b. All are travelogues
c. All are dramatic monologues
d. All are epistolary

Q23. The name of Tennyson’s famous elegy is:
a. Lycidas
b. Adonais
c. Elegy on Friend
d. In Memoriun

Q24. Change the voice.
The letter was not written by Jane.
a. Who wrote this letter to Jane?
b. Jane wrote this letter.
c. Jane did not write this letter.
d. Jane had not written this letter.

Q25. When an infant displayed signs of illness, the parents called in a _______.
a. Pediatrician
b. Plagiarist
c. Pediatrist
d. Practitioner

Answers: 1-a, 2-d, 3-b, 4-b, 5-d, 6-c, 7-c, 8-b, 9-b, 10-c, 11-a, 12-c, 13-b, 14-d, 15-b, 16-b, 17-d, 18-a, 19-d, 20-a, 21-b, 22-d, 23-d, 24-c, 25-a


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    1. Practice Set is updated now…. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

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