Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice Volume I (Practice Questions)

Q1. The novel begins with the following statement: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of _________ .”
a. a wife
b. a house in the country
c. a good education
d. nothing

Q2. This opening statement hints at events that will be important in the novel. The literary term for such a statement is ___________ .
a. plot
b. understatement
c. foreshadowing
d. theme

Q3. The gentleman who has moved into Netherfield, thereby causing great excitement for Mrs. Bennet, is __________.
a. Mr. Darcy
b. Mr. Long
c. Mr. Bingley
d. Mr. Bennet

Q4. At the ball, where the girls meet the new gentlemen in Hertfordshire, Mr. Darcy insults Elizabeth when _________ .
a. he refuses to ask her to dance
b. he knocks her over while dancing with Jane
c. he tells her that her musical ability is terrible
d. he flirts with her without being properly introduced

Q5. Elizabeth and her sister Jane are close and are alike in many ways, but _________.
a. Elizabeth is more kindly in her judgments of people than Jane is
b. Elizabeth is more shrewd in her judgments of people than Jane is
c. the sisters compete with each other when it comes to winning men’s
d. Jane is closer to her friend Charlotte than she is to Elizabeth

Q6. Mrs. Bennet insists on Jane riding to Netherfield on horseback, rather than in a carriage, because ________ .
a. she wants the townspeople to see what an accomplished horsewoman
Jane is
b. she wants to take the carriage into town herself
c. she thinks it will rain
d. she is ashamed that their carriage will be thought of as shabby

Q7. When Elizabeth travels to Netherfield to tend to her sister, _________ .
a. Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst make her feel at home
b. Mr. Darcy speaks to her about his growing affection for her
c. she finds Mr. Bingley to be very concerned for Jane’s welfare
d. she becomes worried that Jane is faking her illness to remain at Netherfield

Q8. Miss Bingley often needles Mr. Darcy about his comment that Elizabeth _________ .
a. is a very poor dancer
b. would make a good wife
c. has fine eyes
d. is the most accomplished woman in Hertfordshire

Q9. In her conversations with Darcy, Elizabeth ________ .
a. defers to him and says what she thinks he would like to hear
b. seizes every opportunity to flatter him
c. speaks her mind, even if it defies him
d. tries to hide how much she has grown to love him

Q10. Of all his daughters, Mr. Bennet ________ .
a. most enjoys Lydia and Kitty, for their liveliness and sense of fun
b. most enjoys Mary, for her studiousness
c. most enjoys Elizabeth, for her sensibleness and wit
d. most enjoys Jane, for her kindness and warmth

Q11. The Bennets are surprised by a visit from Mr. Collins, who ________ .
a. is going to inherit Longbourn
b. is Mrs. Bennet’s long-lost cousin
c. once asked for Jane’s hand in marriage
d. is down on his luck

Q12. Mr. Bennet and Elizabeth agree that Mr. Collins is _________ .
a. quite a good match for Jane
b. absurd and ridiculous
c. worthy of receiving a loan
d. probably going to squander the money Mr. Bennet gives him

Q13. Mr. Collins’s reason for traveling to Longbourn is ________ .
a. to obtain a loan
b. to find a wife
c. to buy new furniture for the house
d. to reacquaint himself with Mrs. Bennet

Q14. Mr. Wickham reveals to Elizabeth that _________ .
a. Mr. Darcy had tried to elope with Mr. Wickham’s sister
b. Mr. Darcy had killed a man in a duel
c. Mr. Darcy had been raised to become a clergyman but had refused
d. Mr. Darcy had kept him from receiving his rightful inheritance

Q15. Lady Catherine de Bourgh is Darcy’s mother’s sister, and according to Wickham _________ .
a. her daughter is going to marry Mr. Darcy
b. her daughter is going to marry Mr. Wickham
c. her daughter is going to marry Mr. Collins
d. her daughter is going to marry Mr. Bingley

Q16. At the Netherfield ball, ________ .
a. a fight between Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy is narrowly prevented
b. Jane is upset that Mr. Bingley does not attend
c. Elizabeth is disappointed to dance the first two dances with Mr. Collins
d. everyone notices the attention Mr. Wickham pays to Lydia

Q17. Both Mr. Bingley and his sister Caroline _______ .
a. prefer Netherfield to London
b. deny Wickham’s story of how Darcy treated him badly
c. agree that Elizabeth would be a good match for Mr. Darcy
d. believe that Jane would be a good match for Mr. Bingley

Q18. Mrs. Bennet is angry with Elizabeth when she _________ .
a. dances with Mr. Wickham
b. refuses a marriage proposal
c. goes walking with Mr. Darcy
d. dances with Mr. Bingley

Q19. Caroline Bingley sends a letter that Mr. Bingley has gone to London, and Elizabeth realizes that ________ .
a. Miss Bingley wants to keep the Bennets away from her brother
b. Mr. Bingley really does not have feelings for Jane
c. the family should send Jane to London to be with Mr. Bingley
d. Mr. Bingley really loves another woman

Q20. Charlotte accepts a marriage proposal from Mr. Collins primarily because ______ .
a. she wants to live in Derbyshire, where his home is
b. she wishes to move away from her family
c. she wants to be married
d. she is recently widowed and needs someone to help raise her children

Q21. Following Charlotte’s engagement to Mr. Collins, her friendship with Elizabeth cools because ________ .
a. Charlotte’s mother tells Charlotte that Elizabeth is jealous
b. married women were expected to be close friends only with other
married women
c. Elizabeth is disappointed in her friend
d. Mr. Collins asks Charlotte not to be friends with Elizabeth

Q22. At the end of Volume I, _________ .
a. the Bennets are preparing to travel to London for the winter
b. the Bingleys and Mr. Darcy return to Hertfordshire
c. Elizabeth receives a letter from Mr. Darcy
d. Mrs. Bennet is distraught over Charlotte Lucas’s impending marriage

Q23. Mrs. Bennet can best be described as _________ .
a. loving
b. perceptive
c. disloyal
d. scheming

Q24. When Mr. Bennet says, “An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth. From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents. Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins, and I will never see you again if you do,” this is an example of ________ .
a. irony
b. cliché
c. foreshadowing
d. subplot

Q25. Charlotte’s expectations of her life with Mr. Collins are that _______ .
a. he will make her the “happiest of women”
b. his wealth will compensate for their lack of love
c. she has as much chance of happiness with him as with anybody
d. he will make a much better husband than her mother predicts

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  1. a
  2. c
  3. c
  4. a
  5. b
  6. c
  7. c
  8. c
  9. c
  10. c
  11. a
  12. b
  13. b
  14. d
  15. a
  16. c
  17. b
  18. b
  19. a
  20. c
  21. c
  22. d
  23. d
  24. a
  25. c

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