Antonyms – Practice Set 01

1. Antonym of ‘Florid
(a) Weak
(b) Pale
(c) Monotonous
(d) Ugly

2. Antonym of ‘Verity
(a) Sanctity
(b) Reverence
(c) Falsehood
(d) Rarity

3. Antonym of ‘Perspicuity
(a) Vagueness
(b) Dullness
(c) Unfairness
(d) Unwillingness

4. Antonym of ‘Fervent
(a) Inexcusable
(b) Enduring
(c) Dispassionate
(d) Subdued

5. Antonym of ‘Meandering
(a) Sliding
(b) Slopping
(c) Strained
(d) Straight

6. Antonym of ‘Jettison
(a) Accept
(b) Reward
(c) Preserve
(d) Consent

7. Antonym of ‘Ameliorate
(a) Improve
(b) Depend
(c) Soften
(d) Worsen

8. Antonym of ‘Grotesque
(a) Natural
(b) Odd
(c) Whimsical
(d) Sinful

9. Antonym of ‘Devious
(a) Straight
(b) Obvious
(c) Simple
(d) Superficial

10. Antonym of ‘Evanescent
(a) Imminent
(b) Permanent
(c) Pervasive
(d) Immanent

1. (b) The word Florid (Adjective) means : rosy; gaudy; ornated; red; having too much decoration or detail. The word Pale (Adjective) means : light in colour; not strong or bright; having skin that is almost white because of illness. Hence, the words florid and pale are antonymous.

2. (c) The word Verity (Noun) means : a belief or principle about life that is accepted as true; truth. Hence, the words verity and falsehood are antonymous.

3. (a) The word Perspicuity (Noun) means : clarity. The word vagueness (Noun) means : no clarity in a person’s mind. Hence, the words perspicuity and Vagueness are antonymous.

4. (c) The word Fervent (Adjective) means : having or showing very strong and sincere feelings about something; ardent. The word Dispassionate (Adjective) means : not influenced by emotion; impartial. Hence, the words fervent and dispassionate are antonymous.

5. (d) The word Meandering (Adjective) means : not straight ; curved ; a course that does not follow a straight path. Hence, the words meandering and straight are antonymous.

6. (a) The word Jettison (Verb) means : to throw something; abandon; to reject an idea. Hence, the words jettison and accept are antonymous.

7. (d) The word Ameliorate (Verb) means : to make something better. Hence, the words ameliorate and worsen are antonyms.

8. (a) The word Grotesque (Adjective) means : strange in a way that is unpleasant: extremely ugly, unusual. Hence, the words grotesque and natural are antonyms.

9. (a) The word Devious (Adjective) means : behaving in a dishonest way: a route that is not straight. Hence, the words devious and straight are antonymous.

10. (b) The word Evanescent (Adjective) means: disappearing quickly from sight or memory. Hence, the words evanescent and permanent are antonymous.

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