Idioms / Phrases – Practice Set 02

Q1. He’s up to his ears in work and cannot possibly see you now.
(a) fully occupied with
(b) very interested in
(c) not involved with
(d) concerned with

Q2. If you give me a hand, then I shall be able to finish more quickly.
(a) take my hand
(b) help me
(c) take my fingers
(d) pick me up

Q3. I prefer to talk to people face to face rather than to talk on the phone.
(a) in person
(b) facing them
(c) looking at them
(d) seeing them

Q4. The manager dismissed the new proposal out of hand and said that it was not at all practical.
(a) quickly
(b) utterly
(c) directly
(d) simply

Q5. As she is new to the job I would ask you to keep an eye on her for the time being.
(a) look at
(b) consider
(c) check
(d) observe

Q6. The opposition in parliament accused the government of playing games and refusing to accept the seriousness of the situation.
(a) being light hearted
(b) being heavy hearted
(c) being down hearted
(d) being faint hearted

Q7. He accused her of talking through her hat and refused to accept a word of what she said.
(a) talking sense
(b) talking straight
(c) talking nonsense
(d) talking tough

Q8. The police advised them to go down to the cellar in order to be out of harm’s way.
(a) away from the noise
(b) inside the area
(c) into safety
(d) away from danger

Q9. I’d give my right arm if I could get tickets for that concert.
(a) do absolutely anything
(b) do something dangerous
(c) do something stupid
(d) do what you want

Q10. You can always rely on Fred to put his foot in it and come out with a remark like that.
(a) tread on somebody
(b) fall over
(c) say something embarrassing
(d) put on the wrong shoe

Q11. This sort of behavior sends the wrong message to young people.
(a) delivers the incorrect letter
(b) fails to communicate
(c) does not talk properly
(d) does not set a good example

Q12. The government are unveiling plans today for a new tax system.
(a) are covering up
(b) are revealing
(c) are opening
(d) are exposing

Q13. I hear what you are saying but I don’t agree with you.
(a) I understand what you mean
(b) I believe your words
(c) I am able to catch your words
(d) I think you are right

Q14. You must admire the way she sticks to her guns.
(a) she holds on to her pistol
(b) she maintains her opinion
(c) she doesn’t let her weapons go
(d) she refuses to shoot

Q15. I’m sorry I can’t follow that, run that past me again.
(a) explain that once more
(b) hurry up
(c) try and catch me up
(d) come across

Q16. Keep your spirits up, it may not be as bad as you think.
(a) Don’t get depressed
(b) Carry on drinking
(c) Don’t let the levels drop
(d) Maintain the heights

Q17. I’m afraid he shot himself in the foot when he took that action.
(a) he hurt himself
(b) he injured himself
(c) he made a bad mistake for himself
(d) he damaged his body

Q18. Some people love scoring points when they are in an argument.
(a) winning the game
(b) taking advantage
(c) taking the initiative
(d) taking the trouble

Q19. There is absolutely no mileage in pursuing that sort of discussion.
(a) no future
(b) no interest
(c) no distance
(d) no time

Q20. He prefers to buy some more time by not deciding yet.
(a) to pay a little longer
(b) to get a better price
(c) to pay a little later
(d) to delay a little longer



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