William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Practice Questions)

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Read the question and select the most appropriate answer:

1. Egeus says that Hermia should marry Demetrius because _____.
a. Demetrius is wealthy
b. Hermia is the property of her father and must do as he says
c. Lysander has bewitched Hermia and does not really love her
d. Lysander has a lower status in society than Demetrius
e. b and c are true

2. According to Theseus, Hermia’s options include all but the following:_____.
a. join a convent
b. marry Lysander
c. marry Demetrius
d. be put to death
e. obey her father

3. Theseus tells Hermia that she should view her father _____.
a. as a worthy gentleman
b. as a god
c. as someone to guide her in life
d. as a supreme ruler
e. c and d are true

4. Lysander and Hermia name all but the following as things which can destroy love: _____.
a. difference in age
b. the influence of friends
c. illness
d. the fickleness of youth
e. death

5. Lysander and Hermia view love in this way: _____.
a. “as long lasting as the stones in the earth”
b. “momentary as a sound”
c. “as powerful as lightning”
d. “as sweet as golden honey”
e. “as all-consuming as the jaws of darkness”

6. Bottom would like to enact all of the following roles, except: _____.
a. Phoebus
b. Hercules
c. Thisby
d. the lion
e. none of the above

7. The artisans do not want Bottom to play the lion because _____.
a. they will all be hanged
b. he will forget his lines
c. he will roar too loudly and frighten the ladies
d. they will have no one to play Pyramus
e. a and c are true

8. Oberon and Titania’s fight began because _____.
a. Titania accused Oberon of infidelity
b. Titania is angry because Oberon used his magic against her
c. Oberon wants Titania to give him her adopted boy
d. Oberon accused Titania of loving Theseus
e. a and d are true

9. Titania and Oberon’s fight causes all of the following to happen, except: _____.
a. the corn rots in the fields
b. the rivers run dry
c. livestock dies of disease
d. the seasons alter
e. people no longer play rustic games outdoors

10. Demetrius tells Helena not to follow him because _____.
a. he does not love her
b. it is immodest of her to go out at night
c. he hates her and will abandon her
d. it is not safe for her to go into the woods at night
e. all of the above

11. Oberon wants to use the magical juice of the pansy because _____.
a. he wants to make Titania his slave
b. he feels sorry for Helena
c. he wants to make Titania fall in love with something beastly
d. b and c are true
e. all of the above

12. Puck makes a mistake in fulfilling Oberon’s orders because _____.
a. Lysander is wearing Athenian garments
b. he is a mischievous sprite and wants to trick Oberon
c. Lysander and Hermia are sleeping apart and Puck believes Lysander is scorning Hermia
d. he accidentally puts the potion on Demetrius’s eyes
e. a and c are true

13. The results of Puck’s mistake are all but the following: _____.
a. Hermia is abandoned by Lysander
b. Demetrius now loves Helena again
c. Helena thinks she is being mocked by Lysander
d. Lysander loves Helena
e. Lysander hates Hermia

14. The artisans find all of the following problems in their play, except: _____.
a. the lion may not be believable
b. Pyramus must draw his sword to kill himself
c. they must have a wall for Pyramus and Thisby to whisper through
d. they do not know how to represent moonlight
e. the ladies might become frightened

15. The artisans’ solutions for these problems show that _____.
a. they have no creativity
b. they follow whatever Bottom says
c. they do not understand the importance of illusion in theater
d. they think the nobles are simpleminded people
e. c and d are true

16. When Titania expresses her love for Bottom, Bottom says _____.
a. they shall be married
b. that she has little reason to love him
c. that since she loves him, she should serve him
d. that he has always loved her, too
e. none of the above

17. When she discovers that Lysander is gone, Hermia believes _____.
a. Demetrius killed him
b. he no longer loves her
c. the fairies have stolen him
d. he has been lying about his love for her
e. none of the above

18. Once the fairies have charmed him, Demetrius says of Hermia that _____.
a. she is a “goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!”
b. “My heart to her but as guest-wise sojourned, and now to Helen is it home returned”
c. “I had no judgment when to her I swore”
d. he is “pierc’d through the heart with her stern cruelty”
e. all of the above

19. As a result of the fairies’ intervention, all of the following misunderstandings occur, except: _____.
a. Hermia believes Helena has plotted to steal Demetrius
b. Helena believes Hermia is conspiring against her
c. Hermia thinks Lysander and Demetrius are making fun of Helena
d. Demetrius believes that Lysander is mocking Helena
e. a and d are true

20. Puck does all of the following to restore order, except: _____.
a. he removes the ass’s head from Bottom
b. he anoints Lysander’s eyes again
c. he anoints Helena’s eyes to make her realize how badly Demetrius treats her
d. he takes the spell off Titania
e. he leads Lysander and Demetrius away from each other

21. When Theseus and his party discover the lovers asleep in the woods, Theseus decides that ____.
a. the law must be honored and order restored
b. they all should go hunting to celebrate his marriage
c. they should have a triple wedding
d. although he is angry that they defied him, he will forgive the young lovers
e. c and d are true

22. Philostrate’s opinion of the artisans’ play is that _____.
a. it is too tragic for the occasion
b. the only good reason to watch it is that the artisans are sincere and want to please
c. it is too long
d. the only reason to see it would be to have a good laugh
e. a and d are true

23. During the presentation of the play, the nobles _____.
a. snicker to themselves
b. make snide comments out loud and interrupt the actors
c. laugh good-naturedly
d. are annoyed and snobbishly refuse to let the artisans finish
e. all of the above

24. The artisans commit all of the following blunders, except: _____.
a. the actor playing the wall accidentally trips and falls on Thisby
b. Quince accidentally insults the nobles in his prologue
c. the actor playing Moonshine flees the stage
d. Pyramus continues talking after he is supposedly dead
e. all of the above

25. In his final soliloquy, Puck presents the following view of the theater: _____.
a. it often involves offensive behavior
b. it can teach us lessons about life
c. it involves illusions and visions and should not be taken seriously
d. it has no more importance than a dream
e. c and d are true


1-e, 2-b, 3-b, 4-d, 5-b, 6-a, 7-e, 8-c, 9-b, 10-e, 11-d, 12-e, 13-b, 14-a, 15-c, 16-b, 17-a, 18-b, 19-a, 20-c, 21-c, 22-d, 23-b, 24-a, 25-e

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