Most Important Questions on Tenses – Practice Set 1

1. Last Saturday, my father _____ that his dinner suit was too small, so now he _____ a strict diet.
A) has discovered / followed
B) discovers / was following
C) discovered / is following
D) was discovering / has followed
E) has been discovering / will follow

2. Helen _____ her driving test five times so far without success, but she _____, yet.
A) takes / isn’t giving up
B) has taken / hasn’t given up
C) was taking / didn’t give up
D) is taking / doesn’t give up
E) took / wasn’t giving up

3. Most of the time, John and his friends _____ football matches at their local coffee, but this Saturday, they _____ to the stadium, and so they’re all very excited.
A) watch / are going
B) have been watching / go
C) are watching / have gone
D) were watching / went
E) have watched / were going

4. Kate _____ a vegetarian for eleven years now, and she _____ meat at all during this time.
A) is / isn’t eating
B) has been / wasn’t eating
C) is / doesn’t eat
D) has been / hasn’t eaten
E) was / didn’t eat

5. Last year, Richard _____ his bicycle to work everyday, but he _____ the bus since the accident.
A) rides / takes
B) has ridden / is taking
C) rode / has been taking
D) was riding / took
E) is riding / has taken

6. I _____ glasses when I was younger, but now I _____ contact lenses.
A) was wearing / have had
B) have worn / am having
C) have been wearing / had
D) wear / was having
E) wore / have

7. About a month ago, I _____ a brochure about your hotel, but I _____ it yet.
A) request / didn’t receive
B) have requested / am not receiving
C) was requesting / wasn’t receiving
D) requested / haven’t received
E) have been requested / don’t receive

8. The conditions in our office _____ more and more unbearable, so quite often recently I _____ quitting it and looking for a new job.
A) have got / was considering
B) was getting / am considering
C) are getting / have considered
D) have been getting / consider
E) get / considered

9. Because I _____ a long way from my work, I _____ lots of time going to and from work.
A) live / waste
B) lived / have wasted
C) have been living / wasted
D) am living / have been wasting
E) was living / am wasting

10. In the USA, the twenty largest newspaper chains _____ for almost half of the circulation, reflecting a trend that _____ in the 1970s.
A) account / started
B) were accounting / start
C) has accounted / was starting
D) accounted / is starting
E) accounts / has started

11. Clean snow _____ as much as 87 percent of the sunlight that _____ on it.
A) is reflecting / shone
B) has reflected / was shining
C) reflected / is shining
D) was reflected / has shone
E) reflects / shines

12. More than two hundred people _____ the tower when the bomb _____ in one of the dustbins.
A) have visited / was exploding
B) were visiting / exploded
C) visited / has exploded
D) are visiting / is exploding
E) visit / has exploded

13. Because you _____ half of the ingredients as I _____ dinner, you probably aren’t hungry at all now.
A) were eating / have prepared
B) have eaten / prepared
C) have been eating / prepare
D) ate / was preparing
E) eat / have been preparing

14. She _____ strictly since Christmas and so far she _____ eight kilos.
A) was dieting / was losing
B) dieted / loses
C) diets / is losing
D) is dieting / lost
E) has been dieting / has lost

15. Cindy’s family _____ chains in this area for over three centuries and now her father _____ this traditional craft at the county museum twice a day as well.
A) are making / is demonstrating
B) have made / has demonstrated
C) made / was demonstrating
D) were making / demonstrated
E) have been making / demonstrates

16. He _____ to unlock the door to his flat because the telephone _____ .
A) was hurrying / rang
B) hurries / has been ringing
C) hurried / was ringing
D) is hurrying / rings
E) has hurried / has rung

17. There _____ economies since the dawn of civilization, but as a field of study, economics _____ only recently.
A) were / was developing
B) have been / has developed
C) are / has been developing
D) were / is developing
E) have been / develops

18. John Deere _____ his farm machinery business, which _____ tractors today, in the 19th century.
A) founds / still produced
B) has founded / is still producing
C) was founding / was still producing
D) founded / still produces
E) is founding / is still produced

19. I _____ my French lately; consequently, I _____ more and more of it.
A) am not practising / forget
B) haven’t been practising / am forgetting
C) don’t practice / have forgotten
D) wasn’t practising / forgot
E) didn’t practice / was forgetting

20. The old lady’s health _____ day by day until she _____ smoking.
A) was deteriorating / gave up
B) is deteriorating / gives up
C) deteriorated / has given up
D) deteriorates / is giving up
E) has deteriorated / was giving up

21. The managing director _____ Sid to sales manager and ever since, he _____ everybody around.
A) promoted / has been bossing
B) promotes / bosses
C) has promoted / is bossing
D) is promoting / was bossing
E) was promoting / has bossed

22. Problems with the hotel, coupled with this awful weather, _____ our holiday miserable, so we _____ before the scheduled time.
A) have made / have left
B) were making / leave
C) make / left
D) are making / are leaving
E) made / were leaving

23. The fact that more people _____ ozone-friendly products nowadays _____ that the media can positively increase public awareness.
A) have used / was showing
B) used / has shown
C) use / has been showing
D) were using / showed
E) are using / shows

24. My sister _____ from severe back aches lately and I think it’s because, last month, she _____ to work in a shop where she has to pick up heavy things.
A) is suffering / has started
B) suffers / was starting
C) has been suffering / started
D) suffered / is starting
E) was suffering / start

25. Though she _____ dancing, Sonia _____ to the disco with her friends the previous night just in order to be with them in a different atmosphere.
A) hasn’t like / has gone
B) doesn’t like / went
C) didn’t like / is going
D) doesn’t like / goes
E) didn’t like / is going

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