English Comprehension – Very Short Passages 1-10


1 – a. Choice d may seem attractive at first, but the passage simply says that the local media does not adequately cover local politics—it doesn’t discuss the reason for their neglect.

2 – c. Sentence 3 indicates the importance of organization and design. The other choices, even if true, are not in the passage.

3 – b. Both sentences in this passage support the idea that the emphasis on the low-carb/low-fat debate is misleading and might distract us from other important ideas. The other choices are not supported by or developed in this passage.

4 – b. The other choices are wrong because the passage is not concerned with how sanitation workers should deal with sharp objects but with how everyone should dispose of sharp objects in order to avoid hurting sanitation workers.

5 – d. See the second sentence of the passage. Choices a and b are not in the passage. Choice c might seem attractive, but the passage does not say that mediation is the best way to resolve a conflict, simply that it is an alternative way that might prove effective.

6 – c. See the final sentence of the passage. The other choices might be true but are not in the passage.

7 – a. The second sentence speaks of the greater productivity of telecommuters. The other choices may seem attractive on the surface because they contain words and phrases from the passage, but a closer look will show them to be incorrect or absent from the passage.

8 – d. The first sentence indicates that sushi was once available only in a handful of eating establishments.

9 – c. Choice b may seem attractive at first, but the passage doesn’t offer the opinion that the purpose of the shopping mall is important, it simply tells us what the purposes are.

10 – I. d. The directions mention nothing about fertilization.

II. c. The third sentence specifically mentions that the pointed side goes up and the root side faces down.


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