English Comprehension – Very Short Passages 11-20


11 – I) c. The directions indicate that the city prefers, but does not require, use of its new container, and that the customers may use more than one container if they purchase an additional one.

11 – II) b. The directions state use of the new containers will expedite pick-up of recyclables. This indicates that the new containers will make the recycling program more efficient.

12 – I) b. See the second and third sentences for the steps in making ratatouille. Only choice b reflects the correct order.

12 – II) d. The main part of the passage describes how to cook vegetables. Only choice d indicates that vegetables are included in the dish. The other choices are not reflected in the passage.

13 – I) d. See the final sentence of the passage.

13 – II) c. See the second sentence, which defines ksa. The other choices are refuted in the passage.

14 – d. This answer is implied by the statement that redistribution is needed so that people in emerging nations can have proper medical care. Choices a, b, and c are not mentioned in the passage.

15 – c. This choice is the best answer because the paragraph indicates that the new knitters are of varying ages and are not just women. Choices a and b may be true, but they are not supported by the paragraph. Choice d is a prediction that is not made in the paragraph.

16 – d. The paragraph specifically states that age makes a person less able to respond to long exposure to very hot or very cold temperatures. This would mean that older people are more susceptible to hypothermia. Choices a, b, and c are not supported by the information given in the paragraph.

17 – c. The third sentence is the main idea. It is a general idea that answers the only question posed in the passage. The other choices are not in the passage.

18 – d. The passage states that health clubs have undergone a major transformation due to people’s interest in taking care of their minds, bodies, and spirits. Choice a is incorrect because the paragraph doesn’t say exercise is less important. It simply says the focus and type of exercise have changed. Choices b and c are not supported by the paragraph.

19 – c. This choice is closely related to all three sentences of the passage. Choice a is contradicted in the passage. Choices b and d are not in the passage.

20 – a. The entire passage relates to this idea. The other ideas are not reflected in the passage.


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