English Comprehension – Very Short Passages 11-20

Passage 18 – Health clubs have undergone a major transformation that can be described in three words: mind, body, and spirit. Loud, fast, heart-thumping aerobics has been replaced by the hushed tones of yoga and the controlled movements of Pilates. The clubs are responding to the needs of their customers who are increasingly looking for a retreat from their hectic lifestyles and a way to find a healthy balance in their lives by nurturing their whole selves.

The main idea of the paragraph is that
a. exercise is less important now than it once was.
b. health clubs are much less popular now than they were ten years ago.
c. many health clubs will go out of business because of the decline in traditional exercise.
d. people’s desire to nurture all aspects of themselves has contributed to big changes for health clubs.

Answer is on the last page.


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