English Comprehension – Very Short Passages 21-26

Passage 24 – Use of electronic mail (e-mail) has been widespread for more than a decade. E-mail simplifies the flow of ideas, connects people from distant offices, eliminates the need for meetings, and often boosts productivity. However, email should be carefully managed to avoid unclear and inappropriate communication. E-mail messages should be concise and limited to one topic. When complex issues need to be addressed, phone calls are still best.

I. The main idea of the paragraph is that e-mail
a. is not always the easiest way to connect people from distant offices.
b. has changed considerably since it first began a decade ago.
c. causes people to be unproductive when it is used incorrectly.
d. is effective for certain kinds of messages but only if managed wisely.

II. Which of the following would be the most appropriate title for the passage?
a. Appropriate Use of E-Mail
b. E-Mail’s Popularity
c. E-Mail: The Ideal Form of Communication
d. Why Phone Calls Are Better Than E-Mail

Answer is on the last page.


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