English Comprehension – Very Short Passages 21-26

Passage 26 – In criminal cases, the availability of readable fingerprints is often critical in establishing evidence of a major crime. It is necessary, therefore, to follow proper procedures when taking fingerprints. In major cases, prints should be obtained from all persons who may have touched areas associated with a crime scene, for elimination purposes.

I. The main idea of the paragraph is that
a. because fingerprints are so important in many cases, it is important to follow the correct course in taking them.
b. all fingerprints found at a crime scene should be taken and thoroughly investigated.
c. if the incorrect procedure is followed in gathering fingerprints, the ones taken may be useless.
d. the first step in investigating fingerprints is to eliminate those of non-suspects.

II. The paragraph best supports the statement that
a. no crimes can be solved without readable fingerprints.
b. all persons who have touched an area in a crime scene are suspects.
c. all fingerprints found at a crime scene are used in court as evidence.
d. all persons who have touched a crime scene area should be fingerprinted.

Answer is on the last page.


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