UPTGT English Free Online Course



A. Unseen Passage for Comprehension.

B. Part of speech, Spelling, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Tense, Narration, Preposition Usage, Transformation and Agreement.


A. Forms of literature

B. Authors and their work-

  • William Shakespeare,
  • John Milton,
  • William Wordsworth
  • John Galsworthy


Classes for Forms of Literature / Literary Devices / Literary Terms:

Class 01 : Literary Devices – Ballad, Concrete, Dramatic Monologue, Elegy, Epic, Epitaph, Epigram, Free Verse, Lyric, Narrative, Parody, Pastoral, Sonnet, Ode

Class 02 : Literary Devices – Adage, Allegory, Alliteration, Allusion, Ambiguity

Class 03 : Literary Devices – Anachronism, Anapest, Anaphora, Anastrophe, Anatanaclasis,, Antithesis, Anthropomorphism, Anticlimax, Antimetabole

Class 04 : Literary Devices – Aphorism, Apostrophe, Assonance, Asyndeton, Ballad, Bildungsroman, Burlesque, Circumlocution

Class 05 : Literary Devices – Cliche, Climax, Colloquialism, Comic Relief, Conceit, Conflict, Cacophony, Dactyl

Class 06 : Literary Devices – Deus Ex Machina, Dramatic Irony, Dystopia, Epigraph, Epistrophe, Epitaph, Euphemism, Extended Metaphor, Elegy, Epilogue

Class 07 : Literary Devices – Fable, Farce, Foreshadowing, Haiku, Hubris, Hyperbole, Hypophora, Hamartia, Iamb, Imagery


Class 08 : Literary Devices – In Medias Res, Irony, Juxtaposition, Kenning, Lampoon, Limerick, Litotes, Lyric, Malapropism, Masque

Class 09 : Literary Devices – meiosis, metaphor, metonymy, meter, memoir, monologue, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, palindrome, pathos

Class 10 : Literary Devices – paradox, parody, paralipsis, pathetic fallacy, peripeteia, personification, polysyndeton, prologue, poetic justice, pun

Class 11 : Literary Devices – quatrain, refrain, repetition, sarcasm, satire, simile, soliloquy, spondee, spoonerism, stream of consciousness

Class 12 : Literary Devices – surrealism, synecdoche, synesthesia, tautology, tragedy, tragicomedy, transferred epithet, trochaic, understatement, utopia

Class 13 : Literary Devices – aristotle, poetics, tragedy, anagnorisis, catharsis, hamartia, tragic flaw, hubris, peripeteia, tragic hero, protagonist, antagonist, unity of time, unity of place, unity of action, freytag pyramid

Class 14 : Literary Devices – prose, fiction, nonfiction, epistolary, picaresque, autobiography, gothic, historical drama, romantic, allegory, point of view, minor characters, farce, musical drama, comedy of errors, closet drama


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