Geoffrey Chaucer – Canterbury Tales (Practice Questions)

Download English E Classes App to solve this practice set in Online Test mode. 1. What is the first Canterbury Tale?a) The Reeve's Taleb) The Knight's Talec) The Miller's Taled) The Cook's Tale 2. Which tale in the first fragment seems to be unfinished?a) The Reeve's Taleb) The Miller's Talec) The Knight's Taled) The Cook's … Continue reading Geoffrey Chaucer – Canterbury Tales (Practice Questions)

Edmund Burke – Biography

Edmund Burke (1729–1797) political philosopher, orator Edmund Burke was born in Dublin, Ireland, to Richard Burke, an attorney, and Mary Nagle Burke. At the age of six, the sickly Burke was sent by his parents to live in Ballyduff with his maternal uncle, Patrick Nagle. In 1741, Burke was enrolled in a boarding school in … Continue reading Edmund Burke – Biography

Joseph Addison – Periodical Essays (Essay Summary)

Introduction: The essay “Periodical Essays” begins with a proverb “A Great Book is a Great Evil” is a translation from Greek “Mega Biblion, Mega Kakon”. It was published on Monday July 23, 1711 in The Spectator as essay no. 124. This essay is a satire upon those writers who are proud of producing voluminous books. … Continue reading Joseph Addison – Periodical Essays (Essay Summary)

John Milton – Books (Essay Summary)

“The Best Effects of Any Books Is That It Excites the Reader to Self-Activity –Thomas Carlyle” This essay “Books” is an extract from Areopagitica: a speech of Mr. John Milton for the liberty of unlicensed Printing to the Parliament of England. It was printed in 1644. It is a great defence of the liberty of … Continue reading John Milton – Books (Essay Summary)

Thomas Hardy – The Mayor of Casterbridge (Novel Summary)

In June of 1883, Thomas Hardy and his wife Emma settled into their new home in Dorchester. Hardy had long wanted to write a novel that combined his love of history with his love of Dorsetshire. In addition, he wanted to capitalize on the success of the Wessex setting from his earlier novels. After spending … Continue reading Thomas Hardy – The Mayor of Casterbridge (Novel Summary)

American English Literature – Naturalism / Naturalist Writers

Naturalism as a literary movement took place approximately between 1865 and 1900. The concept of literary Naturalism was first propounded by the French author Emile Zola. Naturalists believed that the human character was shaped by social conditions, heredity, and environment; thus, human behavior is a product of these influences. Zola described characters as “human beasts” … Continue reading American English Literature – Naturalism / Naturalist Writers

Restoration Period – Short Answer Questions

1.What marks the beginning of Restoration period?The Restoration of King Charles II. 2.When did Charles II return to England?In 1660. 3.When did Puritan experiment collapse?After Cromwell’s death in 1658. 4.Who returned to England following the restoration of Charles II?Caveliers. 5.What did King Charles II do?He set the tone for the court wits. 6.What did the … Continue reading Restoration Period – Short Answer Questions

English Literary Periods – Overview

The evolution of English literature is a journey of development of a rich array of remarkable compositions. The fifteenth century is generally described as the ‘barren’ period of English literature; was dominated by poetry written in prose. There was a gradual transition from the exuberant gaiety and imaginative freedom of the Renaissance to that of … Continue reading English Literary Periods – Overview

Richard Steele-The Spectator Club (Essay Summary)

Introduction: The Spectator The essay “The Spectator Club” is the second essay in the ‘The Spectator’. Steele conceived a club with members drawn from different stages of life, society and profession. Each of them has own individual qualities. Thus the club is the miniature version of the society of the day. Yet there is no … Continue reading Richard Steele-The Spectator Club (Essay Summary)

Kamala Das – The House on Park Street (Book Summary)

Kamala Das This short chapter is about Kamala Das’s early childhood when she lived in Calcutta. Even as a little girl, she could sense her parents’ incompatibility and felt rejected. Deprived of warmth and affection from the parents, the brother and sister spend time with the domestic staff. Her only happy memory from the time … Continue reading Kamala Das – The House on Park Street (Book Summary)