Emily Bronte – The Old Stoic (Poem Summary)

The Old Stoic Riches I hold in light esteem,   And Love I laugh to scorn;And lust of fame was but a dream,   That vanished with the morn:And if I pray, the only prayer   That moves my lips for meIs, "Leave the heart that now I bear,   And give me liberty!"Yes, as my swift days near their goal:   ’Tis all that … Continue reading Emily Bronte – The Old Stoic (Poem Summary)

George Eliot – Middlemarch (Novel Summary)

Short Biography of George Eliot: Mary Ann Evans, better known as George Eliot, was born in Warwickshire, in 1819 and spent the early years of her life with her father an estate agent, and her brother, Isaac. From childhood, she showed an unusual aptitude for study and was far ahead of her brother in academic … Continue reading George Eliot – Middlemarch (Novel Summary)

E M Forster – A Passage to India (Novel Summary)

Short Biography of E M Forster: E. M. Forster was born in 1879 and died in 1970, his life spanning almost an entire century. His father died when he was an infant, and his mother moved with him to Hertfordshire, where he spent some unforgettable days of his childhood. He studied at Tonbridge public school … Continue reading E M Forster – A Passage to India (Novel Summary)

Charles Dickens – David Copperfield (Novel Summary)

Short Biography of Charles Dickens: Born on 7 February 1812 in the south of England, Charles Dickens was the second of eight children in the family of John Dickens, a Navy clerk. Though he was a warm-hearted person, John Dickens had no sense of responsibility, and was often in debt. Being short of money, the … Continue reading Charles Dickens – David Copperfield (Novel Summary)

D H Lawrence – Sons and Lovers (Novel Summary)

Short Biography of D. H. Lawrence: David Herbert Lawrence was born in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, in 1885, to a coal-miner named John Lawrence and his middle class wife Lydia. The two were incompatible for various reasons, but particularly because of their cultural disparity. The father was scarcely able to write his name, and read the newspaper … Continue reading D H Lawrence – Sons and Lovers (Novel Summary)

George Orwell – Animal Farm (Practice Questions)

Q1. In Animal Farm, Orwell criticizes primarily which world leader? (a)Vladimir Lenin (b)Adolf Hitler (c)Leon Trotsky (d)Joseph Stalin Q2. Who owns the farm when the story of Animal Farm begins? (a)Benjamin (b)Mr. Jones (c)Orwell (d)Old Major Q3. What is George Orwell’s real name? (a)Eric Cantona (b)Eric Blair (c)Eric Morecambe (d)Eric Goldsmith Q4. According to old … Continue reading George Orwell – Animal Farm (Practice Questions)

George Orwell – Animal Farm (Novel Summary)

While Animal Farm contains broad themes about leadership, power and corruption that can be applied to many political circumstances and historical events, there are direct parallels to the Russian Revolution. To better understand the links between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution, we have included a brief description of the historical figure or concept each … Continue reading George Orwell – Animal Farm (Novel Summary)

George Orwell – Biography

Early LifeBorn Eric Arthur Blair, George Orwell created some of the sharpest satirical fiction of the 20th century with such works as "Animal Farm" and "Nineteen Eighty-Four." He was a man of strong opinions who addressed some of the major political movements of his times, including imperialism, fascism and communism. The son of a British … Continue reading George Orwell – Biography

William Shakespeare – The Merchant Of Venice Act 4 (Practice Questions)

1. As Act IV opens, the Duke speaks to Antonio. How does the Duke feel about Antonio’s predicament?A) he doesn’t seem to care one way or the otherB) he is angry with AntonioC) he hopes Antonio has to pay the forfeiture of the bondD) he feels sorry for him 2. When Shylock enters the courtroom … Continue reading William Shakespeare – The Merchant Of Venice Act 4 (Practice Questions)

William Shakespeare – The Merchant Of Venice Act 4 (Play Summary)

This act opens with Antonio in a Venetian Court of Justice, while the Duke and other magnificoes of Venice sit in front for his trial. The Duke explains how the plaintiff is stone hearted and there is no way to save Antonio. The duke asks Shylock, for the one last time, to forgive Antonio, but … Continue reading William Shakespeare – The Merchant Of Venice Act 4 (Play Summary)