Emily Bronte – Biography / Chronology / Timeline

1812 The Reverend Patrick Brontë marries Maria Branwell. 1814 Maria Brontë, their first child, born. 1815 Elizabeth Brontë born. 1816 Charlotte Brontë born. 1817 Patrick Branwell Brontë, the only son, born. 1818 Emily Jane Brontë born. 1820 Anne Brontë born. The Brontë family moves to Haworth, near Bradford, Yorkshire. 1821 Mrs. Brontë dies of cancer … Continue reading Emily Bronte – Biography / Chronology / Timeline

Ernest Hemingway – Biography / Chronology / Timeline

1899 Born July 21 in Oak Park, Illinois, the second of six children of Clarence Edmonds Hemingway, a medical doctor, and Grace Hall Hemingway, a singer and music teacher. 1917 Graduates from Oak Park High School; rejected by U.S. Army for service in World War I because of eye injured in boxing; works as cub … Continue reading Ernest Hemingway – Biography / Chronology / Timeline