UPPSC LT Grade English – Study Guide

Syllabus: To know about the topics you need to prepare for upcoming UPPSC LT Grade English Exam, please click on the Syllabus for UPPSC LT Grade English. Here you can find that in Section I we need to focus on Passages, Grammar, Vocabulary, Translation and Letter writing. In Section II which focuses on Literature part there are four sub-sections i.e. Literary Forms and Movements, Poetry, Drama and Prose & Fiction. If you want to save the UPPSC LT Grade English syllabus in PDF format, you can click on the Download Syllabus link.

You can also download UPPSC LT Grade Notification in PDF format, to go through the whole Eligibility Section, Selection Criteria, Examination Pattern, Syllabus and other relevant details.

So you already know what you are supposed to study with the help of syllabus. Now, let’s focus on preparation part. I will provide you here the Study Package in both Online and PDF modes, Practice Questions along with their answers and explanation. Mock Tests will also be available on two platforms – 1. YouTube LIVE Video 2. Telegram Quiz. To get the most out of all the preparation modules you can join / subscribe my social media platforms. Links are given below:

Start you UPPSC LT Grade English preparation from today. Select any topic, go through the content and then practice the multiple choice questions I have provided along with all the topics. In case you come across any problem or you want to share your feedback, you can also write me an email on english.e.classes@gmail.com or contact me through WhatsApp messages on 9711414978 . (I will not receive calls on this number because most probably I am LIVE in my Paid Online Batches or YouTube or with Family or doing something else 😁 )

Day 1

ComprehensionSmall Passages 1, 2, 3, 4
GrammarBasic Parts of a Sentence
Literary FormsAllegory
PoetryShakespeare – Sonnet 29
ProseFrancis Bacon – Of Studies
Question of the Day : Who has described Bacon as “the wisest, brightest, meanest of mankind”?
(a) Macaulay (b) Alexander Pope (c) Dr. Johnson (d) Hugh Walker

Day 2

ComprehensionPoetry Passage 1
GrammarParts of Speech – Pronoun
Literary FormsTragedy
BiographyCharles Lamb
PoetryShakespeare – Sonnet 138
ProseCharles Lamb – Dream Children
Question of the Day : Who is the essayist who called his essays ‘dispersed meditations’?
(a) A. G. Gardiner (b) Bertrand Russell (c) Joseph (d) Francis Bacon